Saturday, June 09, 2007



I don't see women as predators much these days. I was truly blocked and numb to see this before because it was the psychological "Casts and Bandages" I've used to protect myself from emotional wounds occurring during my nascent youth and which I've continued to use as an adult.

Though I talked all around the "Casts and Bandages" I did not talk about the wounds-my wounds that I protected. When it was exposed how much I needed parents that abused me, it hurt bad and I wept. Strangely it also freed and released me from these old bonds I've used to protect myself. I'm much more aware of my wounds which drive me and though the grudges are legitimate they don't hold much power. Each time these wounds buried deep in the past, haunt us by hurting others who have nothing to do with our pain. Breaking free from the protective ridgid bonds is allowing me to have real empathy for the wounds we protect ourselves from. Hence empathy for myself and empathy for others.


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