Saturday, November 19, 2005


Burning Screen

When I think of burning, I am reminded of a film where the two people in audience (you know who we are) performed in place of the film. As the film purred frame by frame, they were in a long drawn out process of spontaneous combustion. There was combustion everywhere, and others felt the heat as they wiped their foreheads and took their jackets off: most of them left when the candy liquified, coffee boiled and popcorn smoked. It reached superheat. The film melted and oozed through the light of the camera like the autumn colors of liquid amber dripping down white screen. In the shadows, the staff watched and the film operator watched and no one dared enter because of intensity. It wasn't until the passion cooled that management offered them free tickets for an encore and a performance worthy of an Academy Award!

Hi, I believe your blog is very new, but it looks very good. I got attracted to the way you write. Some interesting stuff here. Keep it up!
I am so honored that you would place me on blogs you read. I am very new at this but I have found a refreshing freedom of expression here. Thank you for reading my musings.
First, thank you for visiting at Indeterminacy and contributing a story. I enjoyed it very much. And I especially enjoyed the surrealistic cinema vision you wrote down here. I hope you will not mind that I added a link to your blog. I do have a lot of links already, but maybe someone will find you among the list of blogs I find truly interesting.
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