Friday, November 11, 2005


Olivia Soprano

Well you know my mother AKA Oliva Soprano has a penchant for chain yanking! She calls me frantically with her authoritarian voice demanding I drive to her mechanic shop. What am I to do in the middle of my work day buried up to my elbows with bovine excretion? Unlike my ne’er do well sibs, I take time out of my day to take her.

First, she gives me the address 4517 Adams: we end up in a residential neighborhood. She informs me it’s near 30th Street, clear on the other side of town. Second, I tell her no problem, give me the name of the mechanic. She says “Tiki”-So I call information and I am told there is no ‘Tiki’ Automotive anywhere in San Diego! Third, I find out she had Ross meet her there this morning. Ross was late for work because SHE got lost. Ross tells me it is 4517 30th between Adams and El Cajon.

In calling Ross, I got the details and got her there with little aggravation. Please note for future reference her mechanic is TK Automotive not Tiki…Arrrrgh! You would think that she would know the particulars wouldn’t you? To top it off, when we got there, her mechanic is out getting parts and has the garage shut down. The house next doors tells we’ll have to wait ½ hour. Well you know I’m not going to leave Olivia there alone so I take her the Chicken Pot Pie place for dinner. I mention this for Ryan's (my nephew) sake.

Finally I get her back to TK automotive so she could drive home. As I’m driving home it’s getting dark and as you know I’m worried now because as my lovely ne’er does well sister shared, she has a hole in her left eye! I called Olivia and luckily she made it home.

To my surprise, I am truly not affected by her yank arounds! I've found that I've been generous.

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