Sunday, February 05, 2006


tagged and now your it

If I haven't shared this already EOTR, I would enjoy your friend ship in real life.

This sounds like fun and my plan is to nail 8 unknown attributes of a perfect lover.

She cares for my soul as I would hers.

Her kisses are bolts of lightning and brushes of velvet flowers and her presences are soft strokes to my heart.

Her touch sears my soul and sends coronal bursts to her cervix and still, I can lose myself with her and still be my crass and irreverent maleness.

She is open to the possibilities.

She’s there to support me when I slay dragons and demons and I would be supportive of her thus, our lives could be tawdry to rich, beautiful and messy but mostly peaceful.

She’s physically and emotionally healthy as we both could possibly be and she would want for me as I would want for her, what ever that is.

Through ravages and rampages of our life we would look out for each other in support and have demonstrated to have carried one another during our utmost weakness.

She shares the spiritual nature like icicles falling from trees against warming shafts of sunlight shining through and illuminating the path with prisms of color or the rare aria that is sparse and tragic evoking painful tears.

I plan to tag virus and neets.

artistic description,i see. Very vivid. thanks for visiting my blog and enjoyed having you in the conversation. and thanks for taggin me, now i have to get my brains cracking to see what i want in my dream guy... hopefully he will decide to step out of my dreams and into my reality, for a change. :))
When I read it in my comments I thought it was a known poem! Very romantic. I really like this one "She is open to the possibilities." Its one of my personal principles as well. Let me see now 8 qualities of the perfect lover...
This was beautifully poetic. A wonderful post. Whoever created this meme has certainly enriched the world. (never thought I would say that about a meme).
It was an artistic moment and I was somewhat inspired to create a dream of my babalicious!

So true for me too as I want the love of my life expand the possibliities-just by being her unique self. As for a known poem, it probably is but, it poured from the nether reaches of feeling and experience onto the blog.


Thank you for the compliment! I am very honored. BTW, what is a meme?
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