Monday, March 06, 2006


Hate List

Dammit, tagged by Neets to list my Hates! Damn this is a doozey! Anyway, here goes:

Someone stepping on my foot because they are not paying attention!

Homicide- Need I say more?

Incompetent posers-When it isn’t entertaining so give it a rest!

Telemarketers! They ruin my sanctuary with their intrusion!

Adults who prey on children! Nuff said!

Hate-It is too easy to hate!

Apathy-It is cowardice at its best-see Katrina!

Avarice-Obsessing on greed is soul-less-See Enron!

Mutilation-I can’t get into someone defiling another against their will.

Physical and emotional torture-It’s cruel!

Waste-Like fuel in grid-lock or the ordinance that our Military Industrial Complex provided to the freedom fighters to fight a Holy Techno War that wasted lives and the depletion of our aquifers so our desert cities can blossom etc...

Addictions-My brother died of an addiction! It takes away your ability to make choices.

nice hate list man.
i wonder how did telemarketers slip my mind?!! they get on my nerves.
And people who prey children...
then there are people who market all the wrong things in the world as part of being 'cool'.
sorry about your brother. but there will be good people like your self who will hold high the torch and help guide,the misguided.

"Nice hate" is an interesting syntax of words don't you think?

Though you say I am a good person, I would be one of the misguided too. As a wanderer myself, I don't know if my path is the right one for the other misguided souls and I've seen my light blown out on occasion. How's that for abdicating responsibilty for others.
helooooo dude, where are you? busy with your son is it?

well non of us are perfect pal... but we learn, we stop to think,... those are signs of growing up. as long as you grow up, learn till the end, in a positive direction, you can be sure you'd only be a better person than you were yesterday. do you believe in heaven and hell?
Damn, dude, another post.

And being an addict myself, I hate addiction. It's just horrible.
My father grew until death! I don't know about heaven and hell. I think positive direction may be overated too:)
I admire your struggle!
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