Sunday, May 14, 2006


Mother's day

“”it’s a mother’s job to mind our business while we are growing up. Cut her some slack if she is still learning to mind her own.”

In one sense I’ve become my mother’s protector and at the same time, I’ve detached more than ever from her influence. It was evident during the time I spent with my mother today as I helped her with a new cell phone for mother’s day. The day went well as there were no judgments but amazement about what she pays attention too.

My mother told me a funny story of her neighbor’s interaction with a dog: Marianne told my mom she sued the Porenta’s for eating a dog she was feeding and caring for. Evidently the dog was hardly fed and Marianne took pity and took care of it. Then one day the dog stopped coming over. Marianne asked during my mother and father’s walk if they want to ride in her Rolls Royce, they accepted and she told them about the people who ate the dog she fed. Marianne sued and won a judgment and money. “I don’t want the money I want my dog back!” she cried. "Did she think I was fattening the dog for them?" My mom didn’t know who it was until my fathers funeral service when Mrs. Porenta saw Marianne and told my mother later that she was "that mean woman who sued her". My mom just shook here head...

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